Rapid Transformational Therapy Is a Powerful Alternative to Traditional Therapy.

Hypnosis is another way to help you find the root causes of depression, anxiety, OCD, and addiction. The unkind words we say to ourselves often leave a person feeling paralyzed and stuck, because the beliefs are so strong. When we tell ourselves things like:

  • “I am not enough”
  • “I am no good”
  • “Who would want me because I am so dumb”

These negative beliefs guide your life in a negative way, but RTT can provide you the possibility to make real life long change and reverse those negative beliefs.

I Will Be There With You the Entire Way Through.

With RTT, you are completely awake and in control the entire session.

We use rapid eye movement (REM) to help you relax and go into a hypnotic state. A recording that is specific to your needs will be completed at the end of our first session to help you process past difficulties and reframe old beliefs. The recording must be listened to a minimum of 21 days in a row and several follow-ups are highly encouraged.

I’d love to work with you and show you the changes Rapid Transformational Therapy can have in your life.