SandTray Goes Beyond Spoken Words.

SandTray as a clinical intervention is an experiential treatment modality that provides children, teens, and adults with the opportunity to depict their feelings and experiences beyond a verbal description. This therapy intervention involves inviting the person to use miniatures to create trays that represent their interpretation of different experiences.

The trays can be completed after the therapist provides a client with a prompt/directive (ie: “build me a tray that represents the best part of school for you”). However, a directive isn’t required, as clients also spontaneously create scenes in the tray according to what’s happening in their lives.

It’s a Modality Fit for Everyone.

The different miniatures offer ways for a client to express their feelings and experiences. Often, there aren’t easy ways for clients to express what feels indescribable when it comes to trauma, relationship issues, and emotional health difficulties. Depicting an experience through building in the Sandtray lessens the likelihood of clients being retriggered while describing their experiences. SandTray can be used to teach coping and communication strategies as the impact of overwhelming experiences are identified.

Children and Teens are typically very excited to work in the sand as this treatment modality allows all their senses to come online. There are plenty of “littles” and other tools provided for a child or adult to fully tell their story without experiencing overwhelming emotions.

SandTray is a modality that reduces the vulnerability/sense of shame that often accompanies both trauma and everyday life difficulties being experienced. Everyone wants to feel heard, especially children and teens, and SandTray can help make that happen.