Talk Therapy Helps You Reconnect With Your Emotions and Experiences.

Talk Therapy, also known as talk-to-talk or psychotherapy, provides mental and emotional relief by helping individuals process emotions and traumatic experiences.

For many people, feeling emotions can be very uncomfortable and painful to experience, which typically causes emotional suppression and can cause extreme anger or major depression.

There is a belief that when an individual finds emotion painful, the reaction is often inappropriate and damaging to relationships.

Pete Walker authored the book “The Tao of Fully Feeling: Harvesting Forgiveness Out of Blame,” which discusses this topic. He explains how we can get addicted to damaging behaviors and “become so resistant to feeling pain that we [invent] new ways to not feel”.

The Process Can Be a Painful One, but I Am Here To Help Guide You Through It.

When we do not allow ourselves to full feel emotions, we become mentally stuck and unable to move forward. This leads one to move backwards directly into the painful events we’re trying to avoid.

Talk therapy allows you to process painful emotions in a safe and regulated manner. This allows you to move forward into a more positive emotional experience again.

Talk therapy helps you to learning new ways to increase healthy communication and coping skills for anxiety, depression, and grief. Book a session with me, and we will work together to build a treatment plan that is right for you. Our sessions will be goal oriented and will be specific to your personal needs.