Modern Society Can Be Hard on Children.

In our society today, our youth are experiencing fear on an increased level due to being surrounded by violence such as school shootings, online bullying, and increased violence at home during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

These feelings our youth are experiencing tend to drive their lives because human beings are reactive to emotions which reduces logical thinking. There are different methods that can assist children and adolescents work through the difficulties they are experiencing.

DBT and Emotional Awareness Can Help.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) allows youth to understand their emotions and how one is thinking and justifying a specific situation.

DBT allows individuals to find a compromise within their own beliefs and irrational thoughts, find balance and utilize mindfulness techniques to keep a person in the “now” instead of continuing to create and believe irrational beliefs about the future.

Give Your Child the Tools To Succeed.

There are several activities that can be done to assist in reducing emotional distress such as holding an ice cube while only focusing on how the ice cube makes the body feel, and how it feels in the hand, which allows the person to be in the “now.” Along with reducing distress, DBT also uses “self-soothing” techniques to help the mind move from painful emotions to using coping skills that remove the mind from those painful emotions to something calming using a technique called WISE MIND.

Wise Mind

Exploring how the different areas of our mind work together, we begin by understanding the rational mind versus the emotional mind and the imbalance that is taking place.

We can find ways to balance our emotions and rationale by understanding how we are reacting in an over-responsive manner to a distressful situation by observing our thoughts and our behaviors. WISE MIND comes into play when we the rational mind and the emotional mind find balance.